2020 Olympia Pay-per-View

OlympiaTV PPV site and app

OlympiaTV is streaming VOD replays of the 2020 Olympia now! Visit OlympiaProductions.com.

Olympia Productions recently launched OlympiaTV, an OTT channel available online and on all major streaming apps. The channel will grow into a hub for fitness content. Its first offering is the 2020 Olympia Weekend pay-per-view live and VOD replay streams. This has extended Olympia's reach to a global audience during the Covid-19 pandemic, while growing its viewership. Visit OlympiaProductions.com.

Starting with the OlympiaTV logo and full branding design (plus a refresh of the classic Olympia logo itself), I also created: photo montages, sponsor integration, thumbnails, user pathway decisions, all the copy, and motion graphics and editing for the archive shows in the free content section.

Thanks to my wonderful colleagues at Olympia Productions, and the great support staff at Vimeo whose enterprise OTT platform suited our needs perfectly.

Role: Logo and branding, design, typography, photo collage, layout, copywriting.

OlympiaTV PPV social promotion

Role: Design, typography, photo collage, layout, copywriting.

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