Broadcast and Online Promos

Promotional spots need to be quick, arresting, strong and clear. Often the materials and time available are limited, but the goal of grabbing the viewer's attention is as urgent as ever. From the start of my career clients have counted on me to deliver great looking and effective promos on time and within budget.

Role: Script to production, including all graphics and audio.

Food Frenzy - Jamba Juice / Finn Partners

As creative director at American Media, I worked with Finn Partners on seven short web explainer promos for Jamba Juice. I wrote the scripts, directed the voiceover talent,  designed the art, and produced the motion graphics. Click here to see an example storyboard.

Star, OK! and Radar Online

I created many weekly magazine issue promotions for OK! and Star magazines, and edited video and sizzle reels for Radar Online, designing and editing the spots with just a few magazine graphics, a voiceover track, or low-res mobile phone footage.

Muscle & Fitness

I edit a podcast for Muscle & Fitness called REPS, and create promotions for sponsors and other M&F digital content.

Soap Opera Digest

Soap Opera Digest is a newsstand survivor, and magazine with an intensely loyal readership that hangs on every bit of show news. Here are three examples of a series of weekly TV spots I created regularly for two years. I directed and recorded the voiceover, designed and edited the spots, and set up the asset delivery to the distributors.

National Enquirer

I created weekly magazine issue promotions for the National Enquirer, as well as retrospective sizzle reels and a promotion for the German endition launch.

Other Promotions

More on-air spots, including a pre-roll promotion for the Mr. Olympia competition, which I wrote the script for, designed and edited entirely myself.

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