AMI Prime

AMI Prime

A pitch video for an ad retargeting system that American Media developed. The goal was to explain retargeting and ad reach, and show how AMI capitalizes on the strength of it's publishing network.

Microsoft Kudos and Crunch

I created two character animation spots for Microsoft, to promote corporate intranet applications for their employees. I did everything: script, storyboard, illustration, animation, music selection, voiceover recording, and editing.

The first is for MS Kudos, an internal system for employees to review each other's work and send congratulatory messages in order to boost morale and inspire each other.

Microsoft Kudos

Next, MC Crunch: a complex intranet system for compiling employee work, communications, interests and workgroup messages, to streamline productivity and collaboration. The challenge was to take this rather esoteric concept, make it more approachable, and hold the viewer's attention.

Microsoft Crunch

Reach Complete Care “Flip-Top Head”

Click to see the storyboard

An animated promotion of Reach Complete Care Mouth Rinse and the Curve Toothbrush. This is based on an animated ad from the early 80s, which featured "Mr. Reach," a character whose head flips open so he can brush his back teeth - at least until he finally tries the Reach Toothbrush.

I created this in its entirety:
wrote the script
updated the character design
drew the art in Illustrator
animated the character using After Effects Puppet rigging
textured, lit and animated 3D product sequences in Cinema 4D
selected stock music
directed voiceover
edited the final

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