M&F Reps Fitness Podcast

M&F Reps is an "unfiltered" podcast by Muscle & Fitness, hosted by M&F chief content editor Zack Zeigler and celebrity trainer Don Saladino. The wide range of guests include celebrities and experts from the worlds of health & fitness, medicine,  child development, sports, and more.

Role: Branding and titles, motion graphics, video editing, music, print promotion.

Olympia Home Gym Series

The Covid-19 pandemic has not stopped the world's top bodybuilders from training for the 2020 Olympia competition. I designed the social posts for an ongoing series of live Instagram videos in which world-class champions share their training routines and tips for staying in shape while in quarantine.

Olympia Fitness & Performance Weekend

Digital promotions for the Olympia Fitness & Performance Weekend, 2019 and 2020.

GNC Lifter's Guide

Drawing on existing published magazine and online content from Muscle & Fitness and Men's Fitness, I made a series of quick social post animations for GNC. The program sold for $100K, and earned 800K social views and over 3000 shares.


Selected landing pages for boutique websites and microsites that I have created.

Warrior Fit for Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals

A sponsored online video workout program, which also extended to print.

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