Jamba Juice Food Frenzy Promotions

Jamba Juice Açaí Bowl

I created a number of short motion graphics promos for Jamba Juice's products, from yogurt smoothies to oatmeal to açai bowls. This meant doing research into the nutritional facts behind the products, and unifying those with entertaining trivia and the brand's marketing goals. I wrote the scripts and storyboards, animated the motion graphics, hired the voiceover talent and edited the audio. Here are just a few examples.

Above, a quick 0:15 second spot promoting Jamba Juice's Açaí Bowl.

Jamba Juice Food Frenzy Mango

Click to see the storyboard

Next, a 1 minute spot promoting Jamba Juice's Mango Smoothie. Check out the storyboard, to see how closely the final tracks the script. I am a firm believer in visualization as the best way to establish goals and expectations that clients can rely on.

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