Crestor Daily

UI design for MRM for Health

I joined the team on this consumer website after initial design explorations had been established. From there as design lead I further developed the look into a style guide, and formalized the design system. I built the Figma component library, shepherded designs through client review, and integrated a SalesForce e-commerce checkout process into the layouts and design library.

Client: AstraZeneca
Design Director: Abby Protopapas
UI design, 3D, and prototyping: John Kitses

3D product renders

Bringing the product to life

I modeled the Crestor bottle and cardboard DTC mailer in Blender to bring the brand front and center on the website’s hero placements and PDP pages. The only brand asset I had for reference was the product label and a bottle photo. I determined the bottle’s dimensions and modeled the product to scale. Aligning the wave design on the bottle to the mailer was a fun challenge, as was generating a custom cardboard texture for the box.

Page layout

Bringing the design together

The most exciting part of building a design system is when the components can be placed alongside each other to present a unified, coherent page. Using Figma’s component variant feature I was able to control content in various responsive states, and iterate changes quickly for client review.

Figma library

An organized resource of design capabilities

Each design project presents unique challenges and requirements when establishing a library of components that can serve the widest range of content. I leverage Figma’s component variant feature alongside variables and semantic tokens to solve the “what if” questions that arise across different responsive states. Organizing these resources with a meaningful taxonomy is essential so designers can work freely within design parameters.

MyCholestory app and mobile prototypes

Demonstrating user experiences

MyCholestory was a proposal for a companion app for the Crestor Daily consumer experience. Click the two images to launch Figma prototypes which I created of each platform, to aid client visualization.

App prototype

A demonstration of an app proposal, which starts with a  download interface, followed by a signup screen to join the MyCholestrory community. The MyActivities menu simulates setting up a connection between the app and the user’s mobile health data.

Mobile website prototype

While similar to the app, this prototype uses standard hamburger menu navigation. The sire also would not access the user’s health data directly, but would require manually entering the information in a form.