Healthcare projects

Designing for healthcare has taught me how to harmonize visuals with regulatory imagery and text requirements. Legal copy, no matter the length, is an essential component to be integrated both functionally and aesthetically. 

I get as much satisfaction when a design passes medical and legal review, as when it is approved by creative stakeholders.

On/Go At-home COVID test

Rapidly developed WordPress site for large-scale testing rollout

As demand for at-home testing grew during the pandemic surge of 2021, Ro quickly spun up a partnership with Intrivo to distribute the On/Go Antigen self test. Working quickly with limited existing assets, I designed this page and built 18 variations in WordPress in just over a week, allowing Ro to grab a huge market share of the demand, and turn a large profit. The complicated details of insurance reimbursement were simplified and presented clearly, and clear calls to action drove conversion.

Role: design, WordPress


Partnership promotional video

In early 2021 Ro partnered with Workpath to bring their expanding healthcare offerings directly to patients. This video explains and promotes the service. With just the logo to work with, I carefully selected stock photography and animated the type and logo, creating a visual narrative to support the script.

Role: Editing, motion graphics

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Roman herpes treatment

Prescription treatment landing page

I art directed junior talent on the design of this page, in addition to rendering the 3D product. I mentored the designer to establish best practices, gain an understanding of webpage structure, and prepare the design for handoff to developers.

Art Direction: John Kitses Design: DeVon Haynes

Ro Mobile App Launch

3D and motion for healthcare app simulation

These animations were made for the launch of the Ro Mobile App, the main point of contact between Ro’s patients and providers. The goal was to demonstrate and promote the ease of use and clear interface.

Role: Storyboard, design, 3D, motion

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Discover screen

This sequence demonstrates navigation through the app from the Discovery page, which is the main entry point to the experience.

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Provider messaging

A patient views their provider’s details and qualifications, then initiates a message thread to get a question answered.


Testimonial videos for weight loss treatment

Plenity is an FDA-approved weight loss device that requires prominent display of ISI (important safety information) messages and compensation disclaimers in its advertising. I edited this testimonial footage and audio, and integrated the text with the creative.

Role: Editing, motion graphics, audio

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Health care provider referral direct mail

An example of economy of design – marketing language and imagery, important safety information, value propositions, a disclaimer, and two QR codes, all fit on a 6″x4″ postcard.