Honda Discover Beyond TO REVISE

Discover Beyond is an original 3-part video series produced with Men's Journal for the 2018 Honda Gold Wing touring bike, focusing on stories from the road as uncovered by two inspiring influencers on a motorcycle journey across the US southwest.

Role: Program logo, branding, video graphics, audio and music, editing, social promotion design.

The Episodes

I edited all the episodes, assembling voiceover to enhance the client's message through compelling narrative, and editing the footage to highlight the Honda Gold Wing's standout features with close up glamour shots of the bikes.

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Program Logo Design

The Discover Beyond series needed an identity that matched the technical sophistication and performance of the Honda Gold Wing. I designed a logo that the client loved, which captured the excitement of the bike and the trip.

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Social Promotion

15-second social media videos to promote the series on Instagram.

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