Joe Weider’s Olympia Fitness & Performance Weekend 2019 TO REVISE

Olympia 2019

In 2019 the four-day Olympia Weekend came under new leadership, and I was brought in as design lead. I handled print and digital media as well as branding, starting with a complete refresh of the well-established logo. I designed all the brand imagery, including 6 months of print ads and sponsored advertorials, Las Vegas billboards, social posts, sales reels, 100ft-wide wall prints and column wraps, 3D motion graphic stage video, and even the hotel key card. I was responsible for scaling and placement of over 30 sponsors' logos according to their commitment, and working closely with the two title sponsors for major exposure.

Stage video graphics

The Olympia stage featured 13 separate screens playing video streams in sync. Sponsor logos ran in loops on eight of the smaller stage screens, and on an overhead graphics ribbon that circled the arena. I created dozens of video assets to play on the screens over the two nights of competitions.

Large-scale wall décor

I drew upon my experience in photo retouching for magazines to color correct, silhouette and place images for these wall-length installation prints. I designed the layouts and maintained the highest production standards for installation.

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A branding update for new media

The challenge for the Olympia relaunch was to refine the iconic Olympia logo just enough to improve its application across all media, while maintaining its identity. Here you can see the redesign process, and implementation in both print and digital promotions.

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Event signage and merchandise

Olympia branding was maximized in all aspects of the event, from the entrance to the Olympia Expo, to billboards, casino ads, elevator wraps and even the hotel key card.

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Stage video

Examples of some of the many large-scale custom sized video assets produced for the live show.

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