Olympia TV

Creative Direction for OTT streaming site and app

In December 2020 I led the creative direction for the launch of OlympiaTV, an OTT service offering fitness content via streaming website and app. It has become the home for the annual Olympia Weekend pay-per-view live streams. I designed the OlympiaTV logo and set the brand standards, and worked with Vimeo, the hosting platform, to build the content archive and navigation. I designed the artwork including photo montages, sponsor integration, and thumbnails, and designed and edited motion graphics for the shows.

See the site at OlympiaProduction.com

Creative Direction: John Kitses

Logo design

The OlympiaTV logo evokes the legacy of Olympia by incorporating a beloved existing illustration Joe Weider, while updating the brand for a new, modern platform. The classic big Olympia “O” is tilted forward, adding a dynamic quality. The logo is created for positive and negative uses, and is clear and simple enough for use at large and small scales.

Horizontal and negative treatments

Stage video

History of Olympia

I created this historical overview of the winners of the Mr. Olympia title, which was played on six oversized wraparound screens on the main stage of the 2020 Olympia Fitness and Performance Weekend, and broadcast on the OlympiaTV OTT pay-per-view site. I worked on color grading, effects and textures to create a unified look for the wide variety of archival footage. I chose and edited the music to bring out the sweeping, emotional drama of this long-running sports event.

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Social ads

Photo collages of star athletes to promote the OlympiaTV pay-per-view on Instagram and Facebook. I retouched the images and created the collages in Photoshop.