Ro Mobile App Launch

3D and motion for healthcare app simulation

These animations were made for the launch of the Ro Mobile App, the main point of contact between Ro’s patients and providers. The goal was to demonstrate and promote the ease of use and clear interface.

This project required a lot of storyboarding, since simple screen video grabs of the actual app were too rough for use, and did not focus on some features that needed to be highlighted. First storyboards were made in Figma and went through extensive cross-functional design approval. Then motion graphic versions were animated and reviewed for timing. Finally the approved sequences were mapped onto a phone shape in Blender, animated and rendered, then mixed with music in After Effects. The phone design is a simple platform-agnostic form with a glass texture, animated subtly to align with a “weightless” branding style being rolled out across Ro’s design system.

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Discover screen

This sequence demonstrates navigation through the app from the Discovery page, which is the main entry point to the experience.

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Provider messaging

A patient views their provider’s details and qualifications, then initiates a message thread to get a question answered.

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Care plan

Once treatment is determined, the patient can review the plan for their treatment over the coming weeks.

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Check in

A check in sequence that allows a patient to update their provider as to their progress in a care plan.

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