Ro Testosterone Evaluation Test Kit

Photography and 3D renders

In 2023 Ro launched its at-home Testosterone Evaluation Kit. Lifestyle and studio photography was needed to build out the product landing page. I had just purchased a Sony A7S III camera and other photo equipment for the Ro Creative Studio, and was tapped to shoot the images. Working with the designer who designed the test kit package and landing page, the shots were taken in-house for a quick turnaround time and seamless integration.

Client: Roman (Ro)
Photography, 3D, photo comps: John Kitses:
Package design, landing page: Luka Gavasheli
Copy: Topher Cusumano

Accurate modeling, detailed texturing

3D photo comps

During the photoshoot, packaging for the pills was still undecided. So photos were taken of a hand model using the testing kit, in such a way that the correct product and packaging could be added when they were known. Later, clomiphene pills and a blister pack were modeled in Blender based off of photos provided by the Ro Pharmacy team, and then comped into the photography with Photoshop,

Realistic custom materials

Landing page photo comps

Initially, an image of a pill bottle was placed next to the test kit box in these landing page images. When it was determined that the medication would ship to patients in blister packs not bottles, I was asked to create a 3D model of a blister pack and pills. I then comped  those renders into the photography, updating the images to accurately represent the offering.

Color and lighting matching


I set up and shot the images for this page on a Sony A7S III, which I had just requisitioned for the Ro in-house Creative Studio. The hand model was the designer who designed the test kit box and the landing page layout.