Paid social ads

Motion graphics designed for ads, using animated type, images, video, and branding assets in short catchy edits.

Roman hair loss and Roman Daily multivitamin

These are paid social ads for Roman Hair Care and Multivitamins. The influencer ads are compilations of user generated content, so I developed what little copy exists in them other than the voiceovers.

The stop motion ad was an idea I pulled together quickly after a creative brainstorm session, and it proved to be a high performing asset.

Role: motion graphics, editing

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Roman Daily multivitamin, single influencer

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Roman Hair Loss, influencer compilation

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Stop motion for Roman Daily multivitamin

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Roman Hair Loss, SnapChat proposal

Ro Derm paid social ads

These are some of the best preforming paid social ads I made for Ro Derm. Their success inspired the creation of a new working group to focus on iterating the approach across other creative campaigns.

Creative insights include: clear, good copy with strong value points and a promotional offer, and user generated content mixed alongside cleanly rendered 3D product shots.

3D modeling, motion graphics: John Kitses
Art Direction: Adi Schlank
Copy: Kayla Dalsfoist

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Ro Derm educational ad v.1

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Ro Derm brand ad v.1

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Ro Derm brand ad v.2

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Ro Derm educational ad v.2

Roman ED pill imagery ads

These are static assets to promote Roman’s ED treatment, featuring extreme macro closeups of Viagra and Cialis pills rendered in 3D. I used Blender to model, texture. light and render the pills with a slight depth of field effect. Making pills in 3D is really a lot of fun!

3D modeling, motion graphics: John Kitses
Copy: Topher Cusumano

Muscle & Fitness

Here are a variety of social ads and promotions made for Muscle & Fitness. I created cobranded ads, editorial promotions, and edited podcasts for this, one of the powerhouse legacy Weider fitness publications.

Motion graphics, editing: John Kitses
Podcast, copy: Zach Zeigler

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Wicked Protein - cobranded promotion

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M&F REPS podcast - episode promotion

M&F Fan Appreciation Friday