WWE and Olympia

I’ve worked with WWE content both at American Media, where I developed promotional video for AMI’s partnership with WWE, and at JW Media, where I am creative director for Joe Weider’s Olympia Fitness and Performance Weekend. I have designed video and print promotions for WWE editorial integrations with Muscle & Fitness magazine and Olympia events. More recently I’ve edited podcasts with WWE stars such as Roman Reigns, Kofi Kingston, Charlotte Flair and John Morrison.

These are graphics created for Olympia and Muscle & Fitness magazine, including show opens, bumpers, transitions, lower third graphics, promotional reels, stage video, and social media promotion.

WWE and Muscle & Fitness

A promotional reel and podcast episodes created in partnership with WWE. Working from unedited footage, on tight deadlines, I created all graphics including audio editing and final cuts for broadcast.

WWE and American Media

M&F Reps: Roman Reigns

M&F Reps: Kofi Kingston

M&F Reps: Charlotte Flair

Joe Weider’s Olympia

I have led creative direction for Joe Weider’s Fitness and Performance weekend for three years, establishing look and feel for program visuals, including a full branding refresh of all program logos in 2019. These are examples of show opens, stage graphics, and social posts. My background in high-end photo retouching for magazines was essential to create exciting photo comps of the athletes for social media promotion.

Olympia Pay-per-view Show Open

Olympia Countdown Show Open

Olympia Social Promotion

Olympia Stage Video Graphics

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