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I'm a multidimensional, hands-on Creative Director, working in the active lifestyle, health & fitness, celebrity, and aspirational consumer categories. My focus is integrated promotions in digital, motion graphics, 3D, video and print. I have a deep understanding of branding, and a track record of delivering on schedule and budget. A background in studio arts and animation is the bedrock of my profession.

I handle creative ideation, brainstorming, copywriting, design and execution. Digital, video and print production are second nature, including illustration and storyboarding, editing, front-end coding, and optimization.

Years of freelancing followed by steady corporate work with top media brands have made me an easy and reliable person to work with. I communicate clearly, collaborate across groups, and reply to emails. I'm a seasoned manager and an enthusiastic mentor to creative juniors.

Featured Clients

Featured Work

Jamba Juice Açaí Bowl
Jamba Juice

A 0:15 second spot promoting Jamba Juice's Açaí Bowl.
Script, editing, motion graphics, sound

Reach Complete Care "Flip-Top Head"

An animated promotion of Reach Complete Care Mouth Rinse and the Curve Toothbrush. Based on an ad from the early 80s, which featured a character whose head flips open so he can brush his back teeth.
Script, illustration, character animation, 3D graphics, editing, sound
See the storyboard

Muscle & Fitness 2016 Arnold Expo Promo
Muscle & Fitness

A spot promoting Muscle & Fitness, Flex, and Muscle & Fitness Hers magazines. Shown at the 2016 Arnold Fitness Expo. Video is a mixture of editorial content and stock.
Script, 3D and motion graphics, editing, sound

Star Magazine Newsstand Promo
American Media, Inc.

A spot to promote newsstand sales for Star Magazine. One of a regular weekly series.
3D design, motion graphics, editing, sound

Muscle & Fitness Terminator Issue Promo
Muscle & Fitness

Video newsstand promotion for the Terminator Genisys issue of Muscle & Fitness, featuring Arnold Schwarzenegger.
Script, design, editing, motion graphics, sound


Interactive Flash leaning tool
storyboard, design, illustration, animation, actionscript, sound, music

Seagram's 7Crown - Print Campaign

Special in-book print section, print ads
Art direction, design

Hef's Desk
HBO - The Sopranos

Interactive Flash microsite
design, actionscript, video editing, sound

Muscle & Fitness 2016 Spring Fitness Guide
Muscle & Fitness

An online promotion of the Muscle & Fitness Spring Fitness Guide, featuring nutritional supplements.
Motion graphics, editing, sound

Jacked-in-a-Box print promotions
Muscle & Fitness

In-book ad and trifold mailer box insert
Art direction, design