John Kitses

motion graphics


digital & print


Motion Graphics Showreel 2017 (01:45)
A quick look at my motion graphics work, including broadcast, 3D, event video and promotions.


I'm a multidimensional, hands-on Creative Director, experienced in promoting global consumer brands in publishing, online and broadcast. I work in integrated promotions with an emphasis on motion graphics, 3D animation and video. I have a deep understanding of branding, and a track record of delivering on schedule and budget. A background in studio arts and animation is the bedrock of my profession.

I handle creative ideation, copywriting, design and execution. Digital, video and print are second nature, as well as storyboarding, editing, and sound design.

Years of freelancing followed by steady corporate work with top media brands have made me an easy and reliable person to work with. I communicate clearly, collaborate across groups, and reply to emails. I'm a seasoned manager and an enthusiastic mentor to creative juniors.

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